Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tense forms

Choose the correct verb form those in brackets:

1. The earth ------------ round the sun.


2. Kiran -------- Cricket in the evening.


3. The sun ------------ in the east.


4. She ------ a house in this area.

(has,have,is having)

5. Arun ------------ to be an engineer.

(wanting,wants,is wanting)

6. He --------- apples every day.

(eats,eating,has eaten)

7. The moon ------------ round the earth.

(revolves,is revolving,revolved)


1. moves

2. plays

3. rises

4. has

5. wants

6. eats

7. revolves

Friday, 30 December 2011

One word substitute

1. Collection of poems or pieces of prose by different writers:

2. The life history of a man written by himself:

3. A word which is opposite in meaning:

4. The science that deals with bee keeping:

5. Capable of living both on land and water:

6. The study of ancient societies:

7. A voice loud enough to be heard:


1. Anthology

2. Autobiography

3. Antonym

4. Apiculture

5. Amphibious

6. Archaeology

7. Audible

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Phrasal verb list

Replace the words in italics in the following sentence s with right phrases:

1. The child rose very early in the morning.

(a). give up

(b). got up

(c). get over

2. It was her carelessness in the study that caused the failure.

(a). brought about

(b). passed away

(c). called upon

3. I visited my grandmother last month.

(a). called upon

(b). cut down

(c). called on

4. The child resembled her mother.

(a). took after

(b). run down

(c). take in

5. The Management members postponed the Cultural fest.

(a). put off

(b). put on

(c). put up with

6. She belongs to a good family.

(a). Come about

(b). come of

(c). come upon

7. For the inauguration the Minister arrived on time.

(a). turned up

(b). turned down

(c). took up with


1. (b). got up

2. (a). brought about

3. (c). called on

4. (a). took after

5. (a). put off

6. (b). come of

7. (a). turned up

Friday, 23 December 2011

Verb tenses forms

Insert the correct tense of verb in the following:

1. I waited for my sister in the Railway Station until she------------(come)

2. She read as quickly as she ------------(can)

3. It ----------- (rain) since 8’O clock in the morning.

4. I enjoy ----------(learn) French.

5. She -----------(be) ill for a week.

6. He ---------- (prepare) for competitive exams for three years.

7. The Sun -----------(shine) during the day.


1. came

2. could

3. has been raining

4. learning

5. has been

6. has been preparing

7. shines

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Words commonly confused

Fill in the blanks using right words from the pairs given in brackets:

1. Our country has always stood for---------------


2. Arun is --------- to all his brothers.


3. Oil is the ------------ export from Gulf countries.

(Principal/ principle)

4. They may ----------- the game.

(lose/ loose)

5. Manu worked ---------- to get a first rank.


6. She is playing a ----------- role in the Drama.

(duel/ dual)

7. The doctor ----------- him to free from alcoholic drinks.

(adviced/ advised)


1. peace

2. elder

3. principal

4. lose

5. hard

6. dual

7. advised