Wednesday, 18 January 2012

English tenses

Insert the correct tense of verb in the following:

1. My sister with her husband ----------- to Mumbai.

(go, is going, goes)

2. I am always ----------- trouble with my friend.

(having, has, had)

3. That car ------------- to Kiran.

(is belonging, was belonging, belongs)

4. My father ------------ for a walk every morning.

(goes, has gone, was going)

5. She ------------- for Dubai last Friday.

(has left, leave, left)

6. These grapes --------- sour.

(taste, are tasting, tasted)

7. I ------------ her letter a month ago.

(is receiving, received, will receive)


1. is going

2. having

3. belongs

4. goes

5. left

6. taste

7. received

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